Jonathan Stewart Sets Up Camp For Kids

Jonathan Stewart Carolina Panthers RB Jonathan Stewart hails from the great state of Washington, and used his offseason time to start a football camp for children from his hometown area. He caught up with The Olympian newspaper to talk camp and his experiences in the NFL:

The Olympian: What do you envision for the future of your youth football camp?
Stewart: Eventually, I hope to use all this grass (behind South Sound Stadium and Chinook Middle School), and having it open to more kids in Tacoma and maybe even Seattle. Just giving back and having things accessible to kids to better themselves as athletes, people, having the hands-on experience with athletes. … When I was younger, I didn’t have anything like this. Everything was up in Seattle with the Seahawks. Since this is where I’m from, to be able to have this platform, it only makes sense to make it as big as possible. I’m only here a certain amount of time on Earth. My legacy has to go on somehow and this is what I want. I want my legacy to be this football camp.

The Olympian: What do you want these kids to take away from your camp?
Stewart: Gaining confidence in themselves. (I want them to say) I can better myself, do things I’ve learned at Jonathan Stewart’s camp, whether it’s how to compete, specific drills, meeting people, meeting friends from other schools and being in that competitive atmosphere where I can take that to my team or take that down the road in life goals. It doesn’t always have to be in sports. It can be classroom, and it can be people they meet. Always working to better yourself.

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